We are mounting wooden, fiber with wooden splint and PVC terraces. Our staff will form the substructure for terrace, prepare the bed, make the design, calculations and production work for shell, mount upper- decoration layer of terrace and all of this will be done with your request.

There are few different types of substructures to be chosen from. Most popular is drill-through substructure with stainless pins in it; they are carrying wooden or hot dip galvanized steel jigs. Simpler and at the same time cheaper type of substructures for terraces are special plastic pads which are laid down on a special soil with special jig height regulation afterwards.

For the decoration of a terrace, various types of wood can be chosen according to your pocket, from Siberian larch to hardwood from tropical forests or wood from various resins as well as specially mixed fiber of PVC planks. Tvirtinamos lentos gali būti tiesiai per viršų, iš apačios, bei naudojant įvairias specialias jungimo detales.

Around 80% of all the steel mounting details we are using are made from stainless steel. There are some cases where galvanized steel details are needed and this is due to constructional or mechanical properties.