Kirami Original follows the origins of hot tubbing.Traditional and simple quality of our hot tubs is based on selected materials and finished work. Original product line has suitable tub size for all bath loving groups. Woody tubs call you to bath in the arms of Thermowood. And Easy plastic tubs will charm you with their ease of maintenance. Kirami Original is purely Finnish.

Kirami Comfor offers enjoyable bathing moments with minimum effort. These LDPE hot tubs are easy to clean and maintain. A good choice for active hot tubber. Cozy tubs combine strong structure, ergonomic design and wide range of outside panel options. Modern looking Cozy is suitable for 5-6 bathers at the same time.

Kirami Premium are the royalty of hot tubs. Marine aluminium tubs are the choice of modern, quality minded hot tubber. Kirami Premium will stand the time looks and hard weather conditions. The product family has three groups Norma, Optima and Ultima. They all have beautifull finishing that goes hand in hand with well thought technical details.