Infrared saunas

These saunas should be called as cabins with infrared rays as they are not similar to the traditional, steam, Japanese or other known saunas neither in purpose nor by working principle. Infrared rays are invisible electromagnetic waves which have a higher length than visible light but lower than radio waves.

Air temperature inside infrared ray’s sauna is not the most important measurement as objects inside the cabin are heated, not the air. A person in the cabin starts to sweat not due to the high air temperature but because of infrared rays. On the other hand, cabin should be heated up to 30ºC – 40ºC to reach comfortable conditions so the person can feel well during the sitting time. Having infrared rays around is very effective sweating process as during one sitting (20- 60 min.) lots of unwanted material is sweated away. Heating by infrared rays is also very efficient when treating bind joints, inflammation of lymphatic, as it goes deeper under the skin and reaches web zones.