Fireplace was always a concurrent part at home already in ancient time. Even today, fire is used to heat and feed people. There are lots of pleasure and useful things about fire. Nothing is more wonderful than fire dancing above the crackling wood and the whole family sitting around it; this helps to dissipate days’ pressure, relaxes.

Before you decide to have a fireplace, it must be decided if it will be more like an interior part and used rarely just to have some cosiness or it will have to heat your house during the cold period. When you have this decision, a place in your home and an exact model must be chosen. The rest of decisions including the project itself, special constructions, cold and warm air channels, chimney, connections and decorations will be done by our specialists.

Terrace extends useful area of your place and an extra space appears, to which one can go straight from the building. The advantage of a terrace is that in the needed height you can get a straight, clean and beautiful space with low maintenance costs, where you can also enjoy fresh air, get a sun tan or stoke a fireplace.