Harvia Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of saunas and sauna equipment in Europe. This family business has been growing and expanding for already over 60 years. We have been collaborating with Harvia Oy (Finland) since 1998. Up to this day, we import their products and offer warranty and technical maintenance services all over Lithuania.

Established over 40 years ago, Cariitti Oy of Finland has gained recognition for the introduced lighting innovations, especially fiber optic lighting systems. The company changed its name after its restructuring in 1998. Consequently, the company’s production capacity and sales rapidly increased. Today, Cariitti Oy is the leading family owned enterprise in its field. We have been representing this company since 2010.

EOS Saunatechnik GmbH (Germany) is a top class manufacturer of sauna equipment offering reliable German quality, innovative engineering solutions and subtle design. Most of our customers value and appreciate the quality and durability of German sauna products when choosing them for their homes and public saunas.